Grigoriants Sergey orosz nagymester

Grigoriants Sergey orosz nagymester Orosz nagymester

Dear readers,
You keeping in your hands an amazing book – key to the World of chess game for your children!

The author, Jozsef Herpai, is chess teacher with more than 40 years’ experience of work with children different ages and levels. During these years many usual school boys and girls started to learn and love the mysterious chess game with help of Jozsef, and strongest nowadays Hungarian Gm Peter Leko among them. One of main adviser of Jozsef is woman grandmaster Petra Papp. Petra made her first steps in chess in Herpai chess school, and till now these basic knowledge of game which she took from this school is helping to her to achieve high results, nowadays she became youngest member of national woman team.

In his hard work more than 3 years on this book Jozsef Herpai tried to systematize all his many years’ experience of work with children and deep knowledge of foreign literature of this subject. As a result this excellent book was created.  

To start to play chess your child should firstly learn: what is the aim of this game? Which rules? What’s correct behavior of players during the tournament game?  Who was greatest chess Kings in rich history of this game? Answering on these questions with help of this book and he already can consider himself as member of huge chess kingdom!
Moscow 01.12.2012.

                                 Grigoriants Sergey